Please take a look at the screenshot below to understand what are the buttons in the menu for.


– You can also go to the fullscreen mode by pressing “Shift+F” and exiting by pressing “Esc” Button.

– You can save and load to/ from your computer by pressing “Shift+S” and “Shift+L”.

– You can pause the game by pressing “Shift+P”.

– You can Mute the game by pressing “Shift+M”.


– To change controlling buttons on the keyboard you can press the third Icon from the left in the menu.


When you get the controller picture like the one above, you need to click on the button you wanna change then

you press the button you want to change it to on the keyboard.

After making changes you have to press the “Save” button, or you can go back to the default buttons by pressing

“Default keys”.


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